'Bachelor' Fiancée Catherine Giudici Misses Sean Lowe So She Must Be a Drunk

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciBeing torn apart in the media is part of the deal when you sign up to be a contestant on The Bachelor, but a new rumor about Catherine Giudici getting drunk because she's all alone while Sean Lowe is busy with Dancing With the Stars is just plain ridiculous.

According to Star magazine, Catherine is all bent out of shape because Sean is constantly in rehearsals with his DWTS partner Peta Murgatroyd. And in an effort to drown her sorrows, she supposedly "goes to bars and gets wasted."

Apparently witnesses have spotted her at L.A. hot spots "throwing down drinks and shots."



Yeah, somehow I'm not buying this little tidbit of gossip.

I mean, I can understand if she's slightly annoyed that Sean isn't around very much, being that he is her husband-to-be and all -- but do you really think Catherine would resort to getting absolutely plastered in public and run the risk of ruining her reputation?

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Duh. She's living in L.A. right now. And if she's really been guzzling down drinks at bars, odds are good that there would be some photo evidence to go along with the claims -- which there isn't (or at least not yet).

And I'm sure there's something in her contract with ABC (you know she has one) saying she has to maintain a certain image, at least until Sean is done with DWTS.

But even though it's highly doubtful that the rumors about Catherine's public drunkenness are true -- I can totally see her having a few too many at home on any given night of the week.

Since Sean is gone most nights and she's living in her own apartment, she probably does get pretty bored and lonely. And you know how it is once you open a bottle of wine -- you can't have just one glass. (It's like potato chips.)

Do you think Catherine has a drinking problem?


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