Lydia McLaughlin: 6 Things You Need to Know About the New 'RHOOC' Star

Lydia McLaughlinLydia McLaughlin made quite an entrance on last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. In my recap I may have said she was in the running to be one of the most annoying Housewives of all time, but first impressions aren't always right.

Just because she calls herself a princess and says that she gets everything she wants. And just because she bragged about how well off her family and husband's family are, and said she can't concentrate at her son's karate class because she's distracted by Gucci bags and diamond rings. I mean she really could be a down-to-earth, regular kind of girl, right?

Since we saw so little of her last night, I did some more digging today to see what else I could find out about Lydia, and get some insight as to what else she might bring to the table this season. Here are six things all RHOC fans should know about the new Housewife.


1. She's a native Canadian

Her hometown is St. John's, Canada. She's the granddaughter of Geoff Stirling, who founded NTV. That explains the well-to-do upbringing.

2. She's ambitious

Not only do she and her husband run Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine (the one she's trying to drag Heather Dubrow inside, NOT on the cover). She also owns Lydia M Jewelry and SKYLAB Modern Art. Busy, busy.

3. This isn't her first time on television

When she was 6, she hosted an award-winning kids' news show called Children's Checkpoint. I'm guessing grandpa had a little something to do with that gig.

4. Her husband may be as interesting to watch as she is

Did he really whip off his shirt and start doing pull-ups in their bedroom within the first two seconds he was on screen? Why yes, he did.

5. She and Alexis Bellino have a lot in common

As Alexis recently described Lydia, "She’s constantly smiling. She’s super positive. Lydia and I share the same faith and we have the same bedazzled Bible!” Amen to that.

6. She's delusional

Her personal web site says of Lydia: "She encourages women and brings people together. She sees realty television as a platform to be a positive role model for women around the world." Um, has she ever seen Real Housewives? In her initial Bravo blog she actually says she's never watched RHOC, but that's what they all say, right?

What do you think of the new Housewife? Will she add to the show?


Image via Bravo

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