'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Ex-Boyfriend Was Hired Just Like Her Sex Tape Partner

farrah abrahamOkay, so you remember Farrah Abraham's boyfriend Carson Underwood? The two had a very online-y relationship, always tweeting at one another and whatnot. Yeah, well, turns out that he was hired by Farrah, too! Just like James Deen! Apparently, the Teen Mom star is so desperate for money and so desperate for fame that she was trying to get on the VH1 show, Couples Therapy, via Underwood. And when that didn't work, she filmed the porn/sex tape with Deen and tried to have it leak. And when that didn't work, she tried to sell it. And when that doesn't work, who knows what she'll do! This chick's crazy!


Texts obtained by Radar Online show a conversation between Farrah and Carson from February of this year in which she asks him his sexual orientation. When he tells her he's straight, she presents him with the Couples Therapy idea. Some of the criteria for Farrah's "boyfriend" was that he be "a tan, tall business man, who isn’t about fame and laid back" and "obviously must be cool with kids and fam." A source said: "The entire thing was orchestrated by Farrah and her team just to keep her relevant. Her only offer was from VH1 but she didn’t have a boyfriend, so she tried to find someone. Farrah is willing to do anything to make money and stay famous, as you can tell by the fact that she ended up resorting to porn!"

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You know what? It's time, MTV. It's time to pull the plug on Teen Mom. The whole glorifying unplanned teen pregnancies aside, look what it's doing to these women! It's turned most (not all) of them into fame-hungry, tweeting lunatics who aren't honing any life skills whatsoever, but instead hiring fake boyfriends and sex partners to stay relevant. It's gross and disturbing.

And apparently, Carson Underwood agrees. He wrote on his Facebook wall: "Remember kids this is what happens when you have a failed career as a wannabe reality-actress. You end up doing porn in the Valley after some guy (me) turns down going onto a reality show with you."

Oof, Farrah. Time to give up. 

What do you think of Farrah's crazy behavior?


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