‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Ex Bravely Announces to the World That She’s ‘Not Very Bright’

farrah abrahamQuestion. When do you know you've hit rock bottom? Is it when you deny filming a porn, then admit it; or is it when one of your ex-boyfriends comes forward and says that your venture into the adult film industry seems almost natural since you're "not very bright" nor very talented? We'll have to ask Teen Mom Farrah Abraham what she thinks. These two things have happened to her just this past week.


You've heard the porn part, now here's what Farrah's ex said to WetPaint:

Farrah was and continues to be a delusional fame-hungry person ... It's sad to see someone with so much opportunity use it the wrong way. Granted, she's not very bright or talented but I've seen many 'celebs' use their fame for good and profit from it.

Adding insult to injury, Farrah's former flame requested to keep his identity hidden because he's "too embarrassed" to let it be known that he once dated this train wreck. Well played, sir.

Here's the thing. Farrah was just caught on tape saying that she hired professionals to make her porn with James Deen because she thought it would be a private memento much like, wait for it, A WEDDING VIDEO, and claims that he's exploiting her, and disrespects women because this video was meant to be a confidential keepsake.

I can't.

In the same video, her totally idiotic mother implies that Farrah had no idea she was being videotaped, right after Farrah finished saying that part about hiring pros to do the filming.

I can't even.

Anyway, if her own mother isn't able to shake Farrah awake from this nightmare (or dream, I can't tell how she views this whole thing) and bring her back down to reality, then maybe the quote from her ex could do the trick.

If Farrah hears that someone she once loved believes she's "fame-hungry" and sad, maybe she'll finally realize that her image needs some powerful rehab, and stat.

Or, you know, she could just continue to embarrass herself, her family, her daughter, and yeah, I'll say it, THE NATION, and keep perpetuating this porn fantasy that's blown up in her face.

Either or.

Do you think anything or anyone is capable of giving Farrah a wakeup call?


Photo via FarrahAbrahamOfficial/Instagram

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