'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Is Considering Calling Off the Wedding

sean and sherry lowe bachelor finaleAs if it wasn't already tough having the odds stacked against you as the most recent Bachelor and Bachelor winner, now Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are reportedly grappling with another wrench that's been thrown into their grand wedding plan: Sean's MOTHER, Sherry. (At least according to InTouch Weekly, so you know, take this all with a grain of salt.)

The tabloid reports that after several instances during which Catherine has cried and fought with Sean in public, the Bachelor sought out advice from his mom, who "said it isn't right for Catherine to pick fights with him over his career, and maybe they shouldn’t go through with the wedding." In fact, the insider claims Sean's parents are "begging him to rethink everything." Oh geeeeze.


As InTouch points out, this story isn't so hard to believe, considering how Sherry had her doubts about Catherine from the beginning, reminding her son on the finale that getting married is "a huge decision" and that he didn't need to propose. True that, but come ON, LADY! The man's 29 years old!

If there's really even just a bit of truth to this buzz, my heart goes out to Catherine. Any woman who has to constantly work to wrangle a man away from his mommy is fighting an uphill battle. No man's mother should have so much influence over his relationship. And if he listens to her more than his fiancee, I feel like he's forever doomed to be miserable. No woman will ever be good enough for a mother or a son like that. What a disaster!

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If these two really aren't seeing eye-to-eye on some of the biggies like their careers, that's one thing. But for Sean to be running to Sherry every time he has a fight with Catherine, whoa, RED FLAG! The Bachelor may have ended, but it sounds like the competition still isn't quite over. Sean's gotta decide who he's more in love with ... his fiancee or his mommy.

Do you buy this rumor? Does your heart go out to women who are with mama's boys?

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