Selena Gomez’s MTV Movie Awards Performance Probably Made Justin Bieber Cry (VIDEO)

selena gomez mtv movie awardsDid you miss the MTV Movie Awards this weekend? Well if you did, you can still see the best part. All the talk this morning is about Selena Gomez's performance of her new single, "Come & Get It." She sang it live, she danced, and she looked like a boss. Way to go, Selena! It was a sophisticated performance that proved you don't have to go all obvious sexy vamp just to prove you're a grownup now.

Selena did a sort of Bollywood-themed dance, and it was sensual without being all butt-thumping, cleavage-baring, in-your-face sexy. And is it me, or was she channeling Beyonce a bit with the strutting? I thought it was killer. Just hope Justin Bieber wasn't watching, because this performance would have left him crying into his bong.


Okay, that said, there's the first part of the performance where she dances seated ... I don't know, it's not the best part. But that's just quibbling. It definitely picks up from there. Selena isn't the vocal or athletic powerhouse Beyonce is. (Doesn't anyone compare, really?) But she's got her own thing going on, and she looked like she was having fun.

Maybe I'm just an old, fuddy-duddy mom, but I was disappointed (see?) when Selena's new film, Spring Breakers, came out. Ugh, Selena, do we really have to rob banks in a bikini to prove we're no longer a sweet, innocent Mousketeer? But whatever. Young people, you know. They have to explore and push boundaries and all that. At least it's just a movie, and she's not having public meltdowns, unlike some people we know.

Anyway, rock on, Selena. This was fantastic.


Did you watch the MTV Movie Awards? Do you think Selena stole the show?


Image via MTV

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