'Mad Men' Recap: Don Isn't the Only One Whose Double Life Will Come Crashing Down

sylvia don mad men season 6For any of you Mad Men fans out there who have found recent episodes dragging and a bit of a yawn-fest, whoa, was tonight a treat. In the episode entitled "The Collaborators," Matthew Weiner finally gave us an hour filled with explosive eye-openers.

Take Pete Campbell, for instance. The smug bastard has been having various hook-ups in the city apartment Trudy gave him permission to get. Of course. Yet, he still seems to have a thing for his Connecticut neighbors' wives -- maybe his way of coping with the loss of Beth? -- and has them take the train in for an affair on his terms. The flavor of the week gets into a fight with her husband, she must have mentioned Pete, and he beats her bloody and sends her over to the Campbells. BUSTED!!! Oh, how satisfying it was to watch Trudy's reaction ...


She finally, fiiiiinally is putting her foot down with Pete -- you know, since he can't seem to figure out how to cheat in a respectful, on the DL way. When she laid down the law and told him she could destroy him, I wanted to give her a standing ovation. GO. TRUDY. It's about time!

Meanwhile, we've got the other, slicker, smoother cheater on our hands. Yep, Don's affair with Sylvia Rosen is still on fi-yah, even after Megan confides in Sylvia that she had a miscarriage. She also notes that beforehand, she wasn't sure if she would have kept it or gone for an abortion, despite "how she was raised." Maybe because of her Catholic upbringing and/or maybe because she's being protective of Don, Sylvia's judgmental of abortion even being an option -- though she admits she also suffered a miscarriage after the birth of her son. But her empathy and frustration with the situation (they seem to want to keep their relationship entirely about sex, but good luck with that) isn't enough to keep her away from Don for long.

Apparently, he told Sylvia that he was growing apart from Megan at the beginning of the affair. But as we see when Megan finally tells Don about the miscarriage and he basically admits he's open to having kids if that's what she wants, too, their intimacy isn't the issue. What seems more likely is that he's slipped back into his old ways, because he's scarred, haunted, and weighed down by this past. A past we actually flashed back to a couple so times this week, seeing a young teen Dick Whitman growing up in the ol' whorehouse.

Meanwhile, though pretty much involuntarily, it looks like Peggy may have to cheat, too. After learning from her old buddy Stan that Heinz is taking meetings, she casually mentions the story to her boss, Ted ... who proceeds to encourage her to use that confidential information for their company's benefit. For some reason, I don't think this is the last time Peggy's moral compass will be tested this season.

Actually, the moral compass seems like it'll be a running theme for everyone ... Where will they draw the line? How far will they go to keep up appearances? Now that Pete's double life has come undone ... who's next?

Thoughts? What did you think of Trudy finally putting her foot down with Pete? How do you feel about Don's love triangle?


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