'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 5 Reunion Recap Part 2: Kim Zolciak Returns & Clears Up Exactly Nothing

Kim ZolciakFor a season that rotated almost solely around one big feud (Phaedra Parks vs. Kenya Moore), I thought that three parts would be way too much for The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. After watching part two tonight, I'm confident I was right.

There were a couple highlights though. In the first part, NeNe Leakes and Phaedra got into it and talked about why there's so much tension between them. Apparently, NeNe is still holding a grudge that in season 1, Phaedra went and talked to NeNe's half sisters to try and dig up dirt on her. "I don't have a dirty soul like that," NeNe told Phaedra. Phaedra offered up some half-hearted explanations that she knew them before, but overall, she seemed pretty guilty of doing it. She did apologize (again), and Nene said she forgave her but would never forget. So nothing was really resolved, but it did explain some things.

Then Kim Zolciak (aka "The Wig") made her big reappearance ... without her wig.


In a bright green dress that barely covered her boobs (even with that hideous nude mesh), Kim came out with her real hair. Andy Cohen actually pulled it to make sure it was real. It was in some sort of updo, but it looked at least as good as her wigs (or exactly like them). Andy Cohen remarked that she looked younger, and I'd agree. I'm not sure what exactly she had done, but she's definitely had work.

The ladies discussed all of the excuses she gave prior to her abrupt departure from the show, and why they were all pissed at her in the end. Kim gave more of the same old excuses. There was nothing new, and she didn't seem to regret her decision one bit. She and Kandi squabbled a bit over her dissing Kandi's new home and the whole baby name thievery. She had a legal document showing she'd come up with the name Kash for her son before the episode in which Kandi says she told Kim that was the name she'd use for her future son (if she ever has one). I really don't know who to believe on this one as Kandi doesn't seem like one to just make something up. But who knows ... and really, who cares?

So while Kim told Andy when she first came out that there were a lot of things she wanted to clear up, she cleared up pretty much nothing.

It all ended on a sweet note though, when Kim and NeNe hugged it out. We knew they had worked things out, but it was great to see it in person. All in all it was a much calmer, classier exit from the show for Kim than the first in which she just stormed off.

Part three of the reunion is next week, and it doesn't look sweet at all. The Phaedra/Kenya/Apollo drama looks intense, and I can't wait to see them get to the bottom of all of those text messages.

Were you glad to see Kim and NeNe reconnect?


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