Vince Vaughn Gives 'SNL' Audience Members an Unexpected Surprise (VIDEO)

Vince Vaughn

OMG. If you didn't stay up until the end of Saturday Night Live last night -- then I hope you at least caught host Vince Vaughn's opening monologue.

It's tough not to swoon and get a little bit giddy after watching him come out on the SNL stage, well, because he's Vince Vaughn, and he's awesome.

Oh come on, you've had a major crush on him ever since Old School too. Go ahead and admit it.


Instead of standing in front of the crowd and making a few lame jokes like most SNL hosts do, Vince decided to go a different route by giving members of the audience a treat they weren't anticipating.

As you will see in this video clip from the show, he ventured off stage and shocked a few people by getting them involved in his opener.


Aww! Don't you just love him? (He's beyond adorable. And so dreamy. And, ok, I'll shut up now.)

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking -- the people he chose to talk to had to have been in cahoots with him before the show started. Well, according to SNL's Tumblr page, they had no clue that Vince was going to come out and joke around with them like that.

Based on a couple of their reactions, I really don't think they had any idea what was about to happen. I mean, that one dude was so nervous when Vince approached him he could barely even speak! (Can you blame him? It's Vince Vaughn.)

Damn. Why couldn't I have been sitting in that audience last night? I certainly would've put a lot more effort into interacting with Vince than that Paige girl did. (That's all I'm going to say.)

What did you think of Vince's fun improv last night?


Image via Hulu/NBC

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