'Bachelorette' Winner Jef Holm SO Wants to Be 'The Bachelor'

Jef Holm Arie Luyendyk

Even though he's been out of the spotlight for a while now ever since his engagement to Bachelorette Emily Maynard ended -- it's pretty clear that we haven't heard the last of Jef Holm.

He's still doing his People Water thing. And yes, his perfect pompadour still appears to be one of his top priorities. But based on recent comments he made during an interview with Wetpaint, I'm going to go ahead and hazard a guess that Jef Holm's reality TV days are far from over.

Maybe I'm reading too much into his statements, but it kind of sounds to me like Jef is subtly campaigning to land the (somewhat) highly coveted role of The Bachelor.


When asked straight up whether or not he'd consider being The Bachelor, Jef said, "That's the tough question. I'm a bachelor right now. I'm kind of living the life of a bachelor."

Gee. Jef's a bachelor. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck ...

But since Jef's a smooth dude, it's not like he's going to give his interest in the gig away that easily. He added, "For now, my reality TV dates are over."

For now? Um, usually when someone uses the words "for now," they mean eventually whatever they're referring to will happen again in the future. (Interesting.)

And here's where Jef really put it all out on the table and basically said he wants to be The Bachelor without actually coming out and admitting it. He said:

I never thought that I would go on The Bachelorette, you know? I'm not that type of person to go on a show like that, but I did it. It was an amazing experience, and I would never take it back. So I don't know what life holds for me. I always get involved in new things, always. So I don't know what life holds. I can't put myself in a box. I'm a free spirit, and I kind of do things that I think help people and help myself, and I just try to live life one day at a time.

OMG. How much more obvious can he get?

He lives his life one day at a time and always gets involved in new things, huh? Being The Bachelor would be something new. And it's something that would allow Jef to be a free spirit and express himself even more, which pretty much makes this a "marriage" made in Bachelor producer heaven.

And as crazy as it sounds -- I could totally get into Jef being the next Bachelor, if for no other reason than the fact that he's interesting, something Bachelor Sean Lowe and new Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock most definitely aren't.

I mean, the guy knows how to work a skateboard. And he could almost pass for an amateur puppeteer. And let's not forget that Jef uses really suave phrases like, "we have to bridle these passions."

If that kind of cool vocab doesn't make him Bachelor material, nothing does.

Do you think Jef would make a good Bachelor?


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