'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry Doesn’t Need to Defend Her Military Marriage

Kailyn Lowry & Javi MarroquinI can't imagine what it's like to be some sort of celebrity in a relationship that's open for EVERYONE to criticize. Like, hello, pressure! Heck, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is battling the hardships of it right now. After the Teen Mom 2 episode aired Monday night where she and current husband Javi decide to get married, fans of the show are coming out of the woodwork saying that the only reason they said "I do" was for the benefits. Kailyn tweeted her worries on Monday, and you know what? I feel bad for her.

As someone who has dated someone in the military in the past, I can definitely say yes -- there are bonuses. Since the Teen Mom couple got married before Javi left for Air Force boot camp earlier this year -- they were eligible for extra cash and benefits. However, I can also say that it's not all a piece of cake. There are a LOT of hardships with being a military spouse, too.


When you're a military spouse, you make many, many sacrifices. If your husband (or wife) is in the active service, you lose them once a month to drill for an entire weekend. If you're SUPER lucky, that weekend is ALWAYS the one where a best friend decides to get married or your kid has a birthday. Since drill isn't really optional, it's just something that comes with the territory. Not to mention, when you're a military spouse, your significant other is essentially always on call. When some sort of odd weather event happens, you KNOW they're the first person to go out patrolling the streets.

And of course, there are deployments. Oh the joy that happens there. You're left home waiting for their call, praying for a Skype, and clutching onto the hope that they're out of harm's way.

So let's revisit this: Kailyn got married, just like many a woman (and man) who fall for a soldier, because she's in love. Are there some benefits? Of course. Considering all of the things that military families go through, though, I say they deserve them.

Can you sympathize with Kailyn? Are you a military spouse?


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