NeNe Leakes to Co-Host 'The View'? They Should Be So Lucky (VIDEO)

nene the viewThere's no stopping Real Housewives of Atlanta's star NeNe Leakes. She's not resting on her reality TV laurels -- she's got grander plans. NeNe has already done guest appearances on Glee, and she practically stole the show on The New Normal (whose future is uncertain). So what's her next big move? Maybe morning talk show The View!

Now that Joy Behar is officially leaving, with Barbara Walters and Elisabeth Hasselbeck rumored to be leaving as well, it looks like there will be some empty chairs to fill. And who better to fill one than NeNe? If she were invited to join The View, NeNe says she'd consider it. Friends, the question isn't, "Is NeNe hot enough for The View?" The question is, "Is The View hot enough for Nene?


I love co-hosting there and I've done it on The Talk and Anderson Cooper's show. I love talk shows I would absolutely consider it. But it would have to be the right thing at the right time.

In other words, NeNe has been around, and she seems to think she's the one holding the cards. We all know you're not a Real Housewife unless you've got enough arrogance to fill a McMansion. And NeNe's got no shortage of that. But maybe some of it's earned? She's magnetic on camera, she's her own woman, she's not afraid to share her strong opinions, she laughs easily, and she can relate to people from all walks of life. This is a former single mom who supported her family by stripping, and now she's a millionaire. She's seen a lot of life.

Check her out in the video below. See how she hands a question onto Whoopie -- and she's not even the host! She knows how to be a strong player in a conversation without hogging the stage. So honestly, it may not be The View (though that would be genius), but I think we're going to see NeNe co-hosting something big. P.S., she has Joy Behar's blessing.

Would you like to see NeNe co-host The View or any other morning talk show?


Image via The View

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