Daryl Dixon's 'Walking Dead' Love Interest & Other Season 4 Spoilers

Daryl DixonI know I JUST wrote about Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead yesterday (and subsequently received many messages from some rather enthusiastic young fans who doubted my commitment to Norman Sparklemotion) (seriously, girls: at ease. I'm not going to dig through the guy's garbage to find out something that hasn't been reported elsewhere) (although now I'm thinking of my next post: 15 Fascinating Things I Found in Norman Reedus's Trashcan), but what the hell, it's feeling like a Daryl Dixon kind of week. Let's all throw on our Southwest-print ponchos and chat about Daryl and season four.

Specifically, what Norman Reedus has shared about what's to come in the next season of The Walking Dead -- and whether or not he's ever gonna get laid. (Daryl, that is. I'm just going to go out on a limb and guess that Reedus has precisely zero problems in that department.) (AMIRITE, LADIES?)

Season 3 spoilers ahead!


Let's start with a few of the hints Reedus has dropped about next season's storyline. As a caveat, he admits that the cast is mostly kept in the dark:

Our writers are very generous in that they bring you into the writers’ room and then they’re very clever at telling you absolutely nothing for about two hours. You’re in it, you’re like, “yeah, yeah,” and you walk out and you’re like, “I have no f—ing idea what we’re going to do.”

But he does know a few things. For instance, the Governor's arc is definitely not complete:

(...) I don’t think he’s reached his full Governorism yet, you know? I mean, the comic book villain is like the most hated comic-book villain, above the Joker. The biggest one ever. So I think he’s going to get meaner.

Also, as he's mentioned before, Carl's going to get darker -- and overall, season 4 is shaping up to be a hell of a ride:

It’s interesting because people that aren’t villains, may turn into villains, you know what I mean? Carl just shot a kid in the face. (...) I think season four is going to be our best season, I really do.

Okay great, Reedus, but what fans really want to know is, are we going to see you getting it on next season? Sorry, we know that's a tacky question, but we had to see Shane doing it, and Glenn and Maggie with that super-awkward shed hookup, and the Governor and Andrea (gross), and Rick and Lori (SUPER gross), so come on. Throw us a bone here! Uh ... so to speak.

The closest Daryl's come to getting any non-walker-related action was when he blushingly dodged Carol's question: "Wanna screw around?" Last October, executive producer Robert Kirkman explained that seemingly flirtatious moment in this way:

The purpose of that scene more than anything else is to show that these two are very close friends and they are joking about this perceived romance between them but I don't think either of them look at each other in that light. They're definitely good friends and very close and it doesn't seem like anything like that is on the horizon.

Interestingly, Kirkman's singing a somewhat different tune these days when it comes to Daryl and his, ahem, horizons. Here's how he responded to a fan during a Q&A posted on AMC's website:

Q: I find it hard to believe the most badass dude in the zombie apocalypse is the only guy not getting laid! Will Daryl ever have a love interest?

Kirkman: Never say never! I think that it could happen eventually. I wouldn't want to spoil anything, but Daryl is a complex character and he's really got a lot of emotional hurdles to get over in his life. It is kind of odd that we haven't seen him in that kind of romantic light, but I think that adds a layer to the character that makes him a little more mysterious and a little cooler. But I wouldn't rule out some kind of love interest for him in the future.

Who might that love interest be, I wonder? Carol seems like the natural (and fan favorite) choice, but The Walking Dead likes to avoid the obvious story progressions. What about Sasha, Tyreese's sister, who's confirmed as a series regular next season? Or maybe one of the new people from Woodbury, like Karen?

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Personally, I'd kinda like to see Michonne and Daryl hook up, because they would be the most badass couple ever. They could take a break from their emotionally damaged yet superhot hanky-panky to neatly dispatch a few walkers, then do a few triceps extensions or whatever they do to get those awesome arms, then get back to the business of re-populating the earth with genetically superior offspring who stand a chance at destroying all the zombies. Just a thought, Kirkman! You can have that one for free.

What's your best guess at this possible love interest for Daryl Dixon? Do you think it'll happen in season 4, and if so, who will it be?

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