MTV Cancels ‘Buckwild’ So ‘Teen Mom’ Should Be Next

buckwild teen momAfter Shain Gandee, his uncle, and a friend died of carbon monoxide poisoning when their vehicle got caught in the mud while "mudding", MTV was in the spotlight. Shain, and eight other young, West Virginian men and women were having their lives filmed for the network's reality show Buckwild. According to reports, they were four episodes into filming season two when Shain died, and now as a result, sources are claiming that Buckwild has been canceled.

And one of the producers is pissed about it. J.P. Williams, who not only produces the show but manages its cast members, vented to The Hollywood Reporter all about how unfair it is.


Williams said:

This is the network that has shows about teen pregnancy. They'll stick by a show that allows you to abandon a child, but a kid dies by accident doing what he does for a living and they cancel the show? There's something that smells of s--- here on every level ... This will get ugly.

Thing is, Williams is right. For the most part, anyway.

While I disagree with Williams and personally believe it was a sage move on MTV's part to cancel Buckwild (not only because it's the decent thing to do, but, like, what would the show become now that one of the group members has died -- a series about grieving for a friend? Would viewers accept the kids having fun mudding knowing full well that their buddy died doing it? It'd be really tricky to pull off), I do agree with the guy on his Teen Mom reference.

If MTV considers their reality stars family, and have decided it was best to cease production on Buckwild, where's that decency and humanity when it comes to their Teen Moms?

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has been in and out of rehab, has admitted to being addicted to heroin, was beat up so badly by her husband that it might be a reason she miscarried their baby (husband Courtland Rogers pleaded guilty to battery against an unborn child), and doesn't have custody of her son, ostensibly the reason she was cast on the series.

And Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is one bad decision away from becoming the next Heidi Montag. From extreme plastic surgeries to unapologetic DUIs to bragging about waxing her toddler's eyebrows to now shopping around a sex tape, Farrah is clearly in a very unhealthy state of mind.

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is currently serving a five-year jail sentence for domestic violence, and Teen Mom Leah Messer Calvert is not yet 23 but has three children with two fathers -- a downright blissful situation compared to her co-stars.

If jail time, heroin addiction, abuse, and porn aren't enough to get a producer to pull the plug on a reality series, death, as Buckwild's shown us, might be the only option.

What are your thoughts?


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