'DWTS' Results Recap: Lisa Vanderpump Should Be Livid

Lisa VanderpumpDancing With the Stars is notorious for surprise endings, and it seems this season is no different. One thing that is always fun about the show is a person can suck one week and be amazing the next and that can make all the difference.

The person who went home this week was a surprise, indeed (SPOILERS after the jump), but it was the people who stayed who surprised me most of all. D.L. Hughley lives to dance another week? Really? Sean Lowe also lasted another week, as did Andy Dick.

I don't care how sweet his dance for his daughter was, I wasn't moved to tears (Carrie Ann, seriously?), and it more creeped me out than anything. He is just a little too earnest for my taste. There were many, many choices for who could go home tonight, so the person who DID go home felt a little unfair.


Tonight's big loser was Lisa Vanderpump. Sure, she wasn't the best dancer. She was probably headed home as one of the first ones, but she should have outlasted Sean Lowe. And D.L. Hughley. And Andy Dick.

She did, after all, battle an illness and time in the hospital to be on last night's show. It seems awfully unfair that she would go home given all she fought to even be there in the first place.

She was the first of the Real Housewives to ever be on the show, and I hope they will make more space for them in the future. I realize Bravo isn't ABC and that The Bachelor shares the DWTS network, but come ON. Who wants to see another Bachelor contestant make an ass out of himself? Jake Pavelka was bad enough.

Sure, Melissa Rycroft was amazing (and even won the all-stars), but the rest have been duds. As a long time fan of The Bachelor and only a recent one of Housewives, I say bring on more Housewives and far LESS silly Bachelor contestants.

So long Lisa. I am sure she will find millions of ways to soothe her hurt feelings between Jiggy and Ken and her mansions, but I also am sad to see her go.

Onward! Next week, can we please send someone home who deserves it?

Did you think Lisa deserved to go?


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