'Bachelor' Sean Lowe's First Meeting With Catherine's Dad Is Nothing to Joke About

Sean Lowe meets Catherine Giudici's familyThat frightful day you meet the family. It's scary, right? You find someone you care about this much that you're willing to take the next step. Now that former Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are happily engaged (or ARE they??), Sean's hanging with her fam. The couple posted a funny picture over the weekend (right) about how the interaction went.

... but on a serious note: meeting the parents is huge. Obviously this photo is a joke -- but if it wasn't, I'd say the future isn't looking so bright. Yeah yeah, I've heard people say that the only thing that matters in a relationship is how the two people directly involved really feel. But for me, anyway, there's no way in hell it's gonna work out if you don't get along with my family. No. Way. In. Hell.


Here's the way I see it: Your family always wants what's best for you. If they see you genuinely happy with someone who they sense is a GOOD person, then they will be ecstatic. If there's a reason for them to think otherwise, it's probably well-founded. When you're in the thick of it, head over heels, it's easy to try and push aside the "not so good" stuff because you're just so immersed in these powerful emotions. Sometimes you need someone on the outside, someone who really cares about your well-being, to give you the honest truth.

For me personally, family just means too much. If I'm dating someone seriously and thinking about adding them to that category (one day), then I want everyone to just get along. Is it too much to ask? I say definitely not. If family is that important to you, it should be to them, too.

Do you feel the same way?


Image via Instagram

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