'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Has a Dirty Secret for How She Gets Her Gorgeous Shiny Hair

Emily MaynardIn the world of beauty problems, I think having dry hair is on the top of my most-hated list. I despise the look of dry hair, but it's hard to avoid when I'm so bent on styling it every day with the aid of curling and flat irons. Former Bachelorette star Emily Maynard says that she has the perfect secret to healthy strands: Not washing her hair. Maynard tells Daily Glow that skipping a wash helps cut down on the amount of heat she puts on her hair and gives it a healthier look.

OK, so I won't lie -- it's not like I haven't heard this advice before. When you don't wash your hair all the time, your strand maintain healthy oils that help hydrate and increase shine. And of course, like Maynard said, you're skipping the extra damaging steps of hitting it with a blow dryer and other harmful heated styling tools.

But sometimes washing your tresses is literally unavoidable.


Me personally, I'm a little bit of a workout-aholic. Running mostly, there are seldom days that go by where I don't get outside for a jog. Jogging, running, heck sometimes even sprinting to the train -- these things make me sweat. The last time I checked, that sweaty look is NOT what the models are rockin' on the runways for spring. That sweaty look is why I usually hit the showers.

But like my fellow Emily over here -- I'll notice a difference in the condition of my hair when I'm showering all the time. So I have a confession: I've skipped the wash. I've let the sweat sit in there, put it up in a sock bun, and pretended the workout never happened.

Is it ideal? Of course not. Does it make me sound sorta gross? Probably. But the truth is that it's necessary. Just because you want to skip washing your hair to keep it healthier doesn't mean you have to wear it down in all of it's grossness. Get creative with the way you wear and style your hair in between washes, opt for a bun, braid, or ponytail, and you'll see that fewer soaks will do you good. I promise.

How often do you wash your hair? Do you see a difference when you wash it often?


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