'Bachelor' Star Reveals What She Did to Get Her Amazing New Body (PHOTOS)

blakely sheaNot doubt that Blakeley Shea was one of the hottest Bachelor contestants of season 16. To say she's "stacked" doesn't even begin to describe the physique of the former VIP Cocktail Waitress and Hooter's calendar girl. But even with the obvious sex appeal, Blakeley wasn't happy with her shape. She recently posted photos of her transformation and let me just say, "Wow!" But this jaw-dropping slim down wasn't just about looking hotter. The reality star reveals the intensely emotional reason she needed a makeover from the inside out.


After starring on both the Bachelor and Bachelor Pad 3, Blakeley didn't like the person she had become. Caught up in the craziness of her new-found fame, she felt that she had changed and not necessarily in a good way.

Blakeley feared she had lost focus of herself and who she really was. She was always a go-getter, but that part of her seemed to have dwindled in recent months. So she set a new fitness goal that was just as much about changing the inside as it was the outside.

blakely shea

It's something that a lot of women, especially moms, can relate too. So many of us shift focus once we have a family. That's normal, of course. We don't have the time or energy to do many of the things we used to do for ourselves. But at some point, we have to learn to carve out me time, especially when it comes to getting fit and healthy again. 

However, Blakeley's plan may sound a bit drastic. She worked out twice a day, five days a week.  She also hired a personal trainer to work with her. In 60 days, she was a new person physically and mentally. It's really quite inspiring. Not sure most of us can dedicate that much time to sweating away our "issues" and getting into shape, but the point is that we need to make our health a priority.

Are you impressed by Blakely's transformation?

Images via Blakely Shea/Instagram

Images via Blakely Shea/Instagram

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