'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Should Keep Her Engagement a Secret for as Long as She Can

maci bookout taylor mckinneyDespite lamenting their long distance status, Teen Mom's Maci Bookout and beau Taylor McKinney must be getting serious. Because the topic of engagement and marriage has come up -- a couple of times -- and neither time was it in a goofy Ryan Edwards-Twitter proposal kind of way ...

A few weeks back, Maci posted some (albeit sponsored) tweets about wedding gowns and guest lists. Obviously that got everyone thinking that maybe Bentley's mama is planning her own "I do"s ...?! But that's definitely NOT the case.


On a recent Kewlest Chic Podcast, she clarified:

As soon as I make those types of plans, I'm not gonna lie to everyone. Of course I will tell everyone and tell my fans what goes on. I'll put everything up on Twitter and Facebook with complete evidence. The evidence will include who I'm marrying and the ring. I am by no means getting married or engaged anytime soon.

Aww, I love the candor, but it's so sad to think she feels obligated or is determined for whatever reason to announce it to everyone as soon as it really happens! And offer "evidence!" Yeesh.

Don't get me wrong. I totally understand the compulsion! When my fiance proposed last spring, I couldn't wait more than a couple of hours before spilling the news to our closest family and friends. And I changed my Facebook status the next morning. But in retrospect, I wish we had taken longer to keep it to ourselves. To let the news sink in and for it to be only ours for a little while longer.

Because once you tell, it's a free-for-all. A flurry of wedding wild and crazy comin' atcha from ALL sides. An onslaught of wedding magazines, website subscriptions, suggestions for centerpieces and venues, and everyone else's agenda -- whatever that is, you name it, before you've even set a date!

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That said, here's hoping that if/when Taylor pops the Q, Maci takes as long as she needs to embrace it as a couple before taking to social media, podcasts, an MTV camera, etc.! Because at its core, an engagement is an agreement between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together ...  and should be afforded a bit of space, time, privacy to enjoy that agreement one-on-one before inviting everyone else to the party. Literally!

Do you agree it's important to have private time together to enjoy the exciting news before letting everyone else know? How much time did you get to enjoy being engaged before going public with it?

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