'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans’ Heroin Confession Makes Us Want to Turn Off the TV

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans of Teen Mom fame is probably MTV's biggest liability right now. The network is already under fire for what has happened with Shain Gandee of Buck Wild and now Evans, a noted drug user and constant troublemaker has admitted to using heroin on Twitter.

Heroin is not a gateway drug. You have already gone way through the gate if you are using heroin and Jenelle's life is no longer cute or funny. It's a mess. So where is MTV's responsibility? Where is she getting the money to fuel a lifestyle that includes drugs? What responsibility does a network have to its stars?

These questions are being asked all over the place today and this week. For good reason. The reality of reality shows is that they are often filled with attention starved people who are living on the border of what is acceptable. After all, that's good TV.


Get some young people all messed up and laugh at them, right? Except no. It's wrong. Jenelle admitted her drug use on Twitter, saying:

I hate you kieffer!!!! why cant you leave my life alone and stay away from me..you got me strung out on heroin #BYE

Good for her for recognizing a bad situation. But we all know Jenelle. We all know how this continues and round and round she goes. It seems wrong and cruel that people continue to exploit her and that the money MTV gives her likely goes right down the tubes.

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Any illusion that Jace is being helped by his mom's "fame" is squelched by the fact that she continues to get engaged, break up, get married and do all kinds of things that don't help her baby, all with the money MTV provides.

I am sure she likes the infamy. I am sure she interprets it as attention and fame. But it is short lived and she is not making enough for it to be sustainable.

Rumor has it that MTV may end this show because of her. Whether they do or not, they need to let Jenelle go. She needs to live her life off camera where she can get the help she needs and stop feeding her many different addictions in many different ways.

This is becoming a horror story.

Do you think MTV should drop Jenelle?


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