‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Boyfriend Makes Excuses for Getting Rough With Her

gary headRemember when Jenelle Evans and Gary Head were arrested for fighting with each other? And Jenelle got a no-contact court order for Gary? And he pled guilty for assault? What a magical summer those two had. Well the Teen Mom episode that captured those events just aired, and it's obviously put Gary in the hot seat.

Gary defended himself via Twitter yesterday. "Just to set the record strait. I NEVER beat jenelle," he said. Then he added, "If slamming some1 on a memoryfoam mattress after getting beat is beating then arrest me." Well okay -- I guess that's why he got arrested. Do we believe him?



Gary went on to explain that Jenelle attacked him while he was sleeping. "I woke up to getting punched in the face." His version of the story is that he was just defending himself against his crazy, furious girlfriend. He says he never hit her, and he never strangled her with a sheet. He just threw her against a mattress. "I slammed her on a bed after she was beatin on me."

But wait a minute, isn't Gary a big, strong Marine? How rough do you have to get if a woman Jenelle's size attacks you, really? Is slamming necessary, or could you just get up and get out?

I don't know. I suspect Gary lost his temper with Jenelle -- totally understandable, by the way. No one likes to wake up with a punch. He was pissed, and he probably used more force than he needed to. And then Jenelle felt threatened. A more mature man wouldn't have let things escalate like this. But then, a more mature man would probably have nothing to do with Jenelle in the first place.

Whose version of the story do you believe, Gary's or Jenelle's?


Image via MTV

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