Catherine Giudici Wears Adorable 'Tuxedo' to 'Dancing With the Stars' Prom (PHOTO)

Catherine GiudiciThe theme on Dancing With the Stars this week may have been "prom night," but apparently some of the contestants didn't get the memo when they selected their costumes. Case in point, Bachelor Sean Lowe, who came out in overalls and a hard hat instead of a dapper looking tux and boutonniere. (I still don't get it.)

He really missed the mark on what is and is not acceptable prom attire, but lucky for him, his fiance more than made up for it. Catherine Giudici wore a tuxedo inspired outfit to support her man in the audience, and anyone who says she looked anything other than adorable needs to stop hating on her immediately.


What a cute way to root for your guy! I wonder if she came up with this outfit herself? The black jeans and white t-shirt would've been cute enough by themselves, but the big bow really pulls the look together perfectly.

You know what? I actually like Catherine in casual styles like this as opposed to some of the dresses she wore on The Bachelor. She's not a fussy girl, and when she wears things that are on the formal side, she kind of looks like she's trying too hard.

It's obvious that she's way more comfortable and confident in jeans and a t-shirt than a mini-skirt, which is probably why she opted to go the tux route instead of busting her old prom gown out of the closet.

Although -- that would've been pretty hysterical. And if she'd gone for big, poufy hair to match? Even better.

What do you think of Catherine's tuxedo look?


Image via Instagram

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