'Snooki & JWOWW' Season 2 Finale Recap: All's Well That Ends Well

Jersey Shore gangWell, phew. Tonight on the season finale of Snooki & JWOWW both couples' relationships were saved. Last week it looked like neither of their weddings would happen, and tonight the season ended with a sweet engagement party for Roger and Jenni, and Nicole discussing the leopard-print table cloths and rugs that will be present at her and Jionni's reception.

Aw, sweet Guido love.

It wasn't looking so good though there for awhile. Jionni was still really pissed at Nicole for going out and getting wasted and kissing Ryder and Jenni. "Can you understand I don't want to be with someone who's like this?" he asked her.


The fact that he didn't think about that earlier is kind of baffling, because the whole world knew she was someone "like that". She's come along way, but she still is who she is, and he needs to give her a little freedom.

Nicole gathered her thoughts to that effect, wrote them down, and surprised Jionni with dinner. They had a rationale, mature conversation in which he agreed he went too far with his words, and she agreed to tame down her behavior when she goes out (i.e. not blacking out and not kissing girls). There was still some underlying tension there in the end, but overall I think it showed that they are both committed to making their relationship work and making it down the aisle. Sometimes fighting can help a relationship grow.

Jenni and Roger's problem was more minor -- that Jenni cancelled plans on Roger. The fact that he took off for two days following their fight was more concerning. But they worked it out -- and a lot more calmly than they would have previously -- and by the end they were back in la-la love again, talking about having their own babies.

The show ended with a surprise engagement party for Jenni and Roger. The whole Jersey Shore gang (except Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino) was there, and it was really sweet to see them all there to celebrate Jenni and Roger. It was also a bit mind-boggling to see them all gathered together like adults, having a nice, mature event with no drunks and no drama. They've come a long way, for sure. The question is if there will be a season 3 in which we get to see how much further they'll go.

Do you think Jenni and Snooki's marriages will last?


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