Will ‘Downton Abbey’ Lady Mary Hook Up With Her Brother-in-Law in Season 4? (PHOTO)

mary downton abbeyDowntonites, I have MAJOR scoop. Want to hear the latest spoiler? The producers are planning to kill off the entire Downton Abbey cast! Yes, all of them: Bates, Anna, Edith, Violet, upstairs, downstairs, the whole lot. And you know what? I'm not a bit surprised. Well, actually, I am a little surprised because it seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through, deciding how everyone will die. Will Mrs. Patmore accidentally poison everyone? Will Edith set the whole damn place on fire after she gets jilted at the altar for the fifth time? What could possibly --

Oh. Oh my. How embarrassing. That spoiler I just told you about killing off the entire cast? It was just a silly April Fools' Day joke someone wrote yesterday. False alarm! Probably no one will die this season (knock on formica, fingers crossed, throwing salt over my shoulder and yours). But here's a few new Downton spoilers I think we can count on. Also, you wanna see the baby?


Here's the first official portrait of Lady Mary and Matthew's baby, George -- also the first official season 4 photo.

lady mary baby downton abbey 4

No fair! We can't even see the baby's face.

So we told you already that Mary will have a possible new suitor, Lord Gillingham, played by Tom Cullen. Tom confirmed he's joining Downton via Twitter last month. But Michelle Dockery, who plays Mary, keeps getting asked if Mary will hook up with her dead sister Sybil's husband, Tom Branson. You know, two young single parents, kind of feeling lonely, loads of babysitting help around? Well, forget it. Dockery says, "Oooh, I can't do that. He's my brother-in-law!"

She goes on to explain that they come from very different worlds (so did he and Sybil, just saying), it wouldn't be right for those two, etc. What she doesn't say is that Mary is much too much of a snob to take up with Branson. Maybe snob isn't quite the word -- I think Mary would say pragmatic. Well anyway, it's not happening.

But if the producers are giving it all away with Mary's love life, why is Edith's being kept a secret? I'm starting to suspect she'll be the one with the more exciting romances this season. I mean, Lady Mary swanning all over the manor with a handsome aristocrat, that's predictable enough. But Edith has turned out to be the wild card. She could do anything! Can't wait to find out where her character takes her.

Who do you think will have a more exciting story line in season 4, Edith or Mary?


Image by Carnival Film & Television Limited Masterpiece

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