'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Is Going to Bizarre Lengths to Stay Famous

Farrah AbrahamIf we could build a list of people who have just about used up their 15 minutes of fame, Farrah Abraham would shoot right to the top. The former Teen Mom star has had a doozy of a few weeks what with that big DUI arrest. But the latest allegations from quasi-ex-boyfriend (we'll explain that in a minute) Carson Underwood really show how out-of-control Farrah's taste for the famous life has become.

Underwood, you'll remember, is the guy Farrah was willing to move to LA to be with after just a week of dating. Well, what she called dating, anyway.


The model who is not related to Farrah's late boyfriend (and father of daughter Sophia), Derek Underwood, despite the common last name, says the Teen Mom was really just using him ... so she could get on another reality show. Underwood has come out to say their relationship was online only, and he's accusing Farrah of building up a "relationship" as a guise to land on Couples Therapy, the VH1 show that is expected to feature fellow Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell in the future:

She took the relationship and exploited it. It was an attack on my credibility as a human being. In the end I wish her all the best and I hope she places priorities on her daughter. We never dated, I met her once for a few hours, I found her to be interesting. It just erupted into this whole other nightmare.

It's his word against hers, but when you consider how hard Farrah's been working it to stay in the public eye, it's not hard to buy what this guy is selling, is it?

She's been promising future TV work practically since the day Teen Mom was cancelled, working her YouTube channel, and she absolutely refuses to let any bit of drama die. She even shared photos of herself drinking with her family this week ... right after she was arrested for DUI! Hey, there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

Oh Farrah, Farrah, Farrah, for you there's been a lot of bad publicity. Too much in fact. 

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The Teen Mom was doing well for a hot minute there. She had worked things out with her mom, graduated from college, was working and being a mom ... basically living a normal life. It's when she insists on trying to be a "celebrity" that Farrah gets herself into trouble.

If she would just duck out of the spotlight for awhile, give herself some time to come to peace with the fact that she was a reality star but now she's got more important things to do -- like raise a daughter -- maybe there'd be hope for her.

The question is whether fame is an addiction Farrah can kick.

Do you think of Farrah as a celebrity? Would you watch her on another show?


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