‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici’s Wedding News Could Mean They’re Already Over

sean and catherineUh-oh! Just weeks after the world watched Sean Lowe propose to Catherine Giudici, the bloom is already off the rose. Apparently, the romance has gone downhill ridiculously fast for the made-for-TV pair. There are even reports that the once happy couple are delaying their summer wedding. Though after hearing about Sean's behavior, you may not blame Catherine for getting cold feet.


Sure, it was blissful for the first few weeks. They were all smiles during the whirlwind press tour following the finale. However, trouble was definitely brewing behind the scenes according to insiders. Catherine moved from Seattle to L.A. to be close to her new man, but Sean hasn't been nearly as attentive or doting as he was when the cameras were rolling. Their first weekend living together, he flew in a bunch of his buddies from Texas for a guys' weekend. So much for romance.

Catherine also isn't happy about how handsy he has been with his Dancing With the Stars partner Peta Murgatroyd. You may recall that Sean has a strict "no sex" rule until marriage, which is reportedly starting to bother his fiance as she watches his erotic dance moves with another woman.

The pair, once intent on having a summer wedding, now say they won't tie the knot until fall or winter, according to In Touch. Pushing back the wedding can mean only one thing as far as I'm concerned. The Bachelor Curse is in full effect. Not that this isn't a smart move on both their parts. Now that the manufactured romantic ambiance of the show is over, they are finally getting to know one another and that could spell doom! Relationships are a whole different story in the “real world.” Plus the no sex before marriage thing MUST be driving that poor girl nuts. I wouldn't be surprised if they officially announced a split by the start of summer.

Do you think Sean & Catherine's relationship is in trouble?


Image via ABC

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