'RHOBH' Season 3 Reunion Part 2 Recap: Brandi Glanville Goes Too Low

Brandi Glanville and Kyle RichardsFor a season filled with such explosive drama, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills went out on a much gentler note tonight as part 2 of the reunion wrapped. It ended with them talking of their love for one another and how cathartic the season had been; then they all toasted with champagne out of fancy goblets, except Kim Richards who was given a plain old water bottle.

It wasn't all love and peace, however, and the biggest slam of the night came from Brandi Glanville. Now, I've been on Team Brandi for a long time now, but tonight she really hit Kyle Richards below the designer belt.


It followed an emotional conversation about Kim and her sobriety, and how hard she found it to watch this season, especially when Kyle said she didn't think she was acting sober. She told her how hurtful that was, and Kyle apologized and admitted that she'd used the wrong word. She said she knew that Kim wasn't drinking; she just didn't think she was acting like herself.

Brandi chimed in and said she didn't like how Kyle was always questioning Kim's sobriety. Then she said, "I almost feel like it would make her happy if she failed." Taylor Armstrong (who otherwise remained silent the whole night) gasped audibly, and everyone was shocked.

Kyle got understandably emotional after that and told her, "Brandi, that is the meanest thing you could say." And really, it was. Kyle has her faults, but when it comes to her sister, she's been nothing but supportive of her over the years. It's clear she desperately wants her to succeed and saying she'd be happy if she failed is just vicious.

Brandi did apologize later on, but words like that leave an impression. And I don't even know where she was going with the comment about Yolanda Foster carrying Kim's shit-stained pillow through the airport, but it wasn't anywhere kind and sweet.

The rest of the reunion was pretty dull. They talked about Adrienne Maloof's divorce from Paul Nasiff, and how no one believes the abuse allegations that have floated about. Mauricio Umansky and Ken Todd made a brief appearance that basically amounted to Mauricio trying to spin an upstanding image for himself and his company.

And really, that was about it. Hopefully that's not it for good, as rumors suggest Bravo may cancel RHOBH. They wouldn't really ... would they?

Did Brandi go way too low in her attack on Kyle Richards?


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