25 Types of Guys You'll Meet on 'The Bachelorette'

bacheloretteThere are certain things we've come to expect from every season of The Bachelorette -- and I'm not just talking about host Chris Harrison delivering the same annoying lines. (Like anyone needs to be told there are just two roses left during the elimination ceremony!) Another thing that hardly ever changes? The men on the show. More specifically, their personalities. It's as though producers have a checklist of emotional issues that must be included. Among my favorites new Bachelorette Desiree Hartstock will surely have to endure: The Ken Doll and the 30-Year-Old Virgin. Those fellas, and many others, are always good for a few cringe-worthy moments. Take a look at the 25 types of guys you will date on The Bachelorette!

  1. The Crier: This guy can bring on the waterworks at the drop of a hat. He thinks it makes him seem sensitive, but oh what a turn-off.
  2. The Lunk: This one clearly has more brawn than brains.
  3. The Family Man: He can't wait to have kids. In fact, he talks about it so much, you wonder if he's there for her heart or her ovaries.
  4. The Bro (aka Dude): He's the kind of guy that's a blast at the bar or tossing around the football. The question is: Is he really ready to settle down?
  5. Doting Dad: He never stops talking about his kids and even tears up when the subject comes up.
  6. The Ken Doll: So fake, so plastic, you wonder why he didn't just come in a box.
  7. Mr. Bashful: He bats those lashes and blushes on cue.
  8. The Bear Hugger: As soon as he opens those arms, get ready to be squeezed to death.
  9. Mr. Too Cool for School: He's always impeccably dressed and does hobbies like hang-gliding and riding motorcycles.
  10. The CEO: He runs a "major" company and comes off as all business.
  11. The Bodice Ripper: This guy looks like he popped off the cover of a romance novel and has lines that are just as cheesy.
  12. The 30-Year-Old Virgin: He's so awkward around girls, you wonder why he's even on a dating show.
  13. The Snake Oil Salesman: This one is about as sincere as a game show host. You can't believe a thing that comes out of his mouth.
  14. Tarzan: He'd live in the great outdoors 24-7 if he could. He loves roughing it and is crazy uncomfortable in those stuffy suits.
  15. The Man-Child: It's like dating a 13-year-old boy.
  16. The Black Guy: There's always one.
  17. The Latino Guy: There's always at least one of these too. But like the Black Guy, it's unlikely he will make it more than five episodes.
  18. The Geek: He's like the perfect '80s movie archetype. You know, the guy who NEVER gets the girl. You are just counting down the days until she gives him the boot.
  19. The BFF: He's so sweet, so nice, so great, but there is just one problem -- no heat. He's destined for the friend zone.
  20. The Gimmick Guy: He arrives in a helicopter, gets out of the limo with a glass slipper, or gives some bizarro gift. The hope is that he stands out from the crowd. Mission accomplished, but that's not always a good thing.
  21. Fame Seeker: His presence is all about getting his 15 minutes and then extending it for as along as humanely possible on The Bachelor Pad, Dancing With the Stars, guest correspondent on Entertainment Tonight, and anywhere else that will take him.
  22. The Philosophizer: He has thought really, really, really hard about love, life, and finding The One. He's open and eagerly shares his so-called wisdom with whomever will listen.
  23. Mr. Money Bags: He talks endlessly about his extravagant lifestyle, which makes you wonder if he really has any money at all.
  24. Mama's Boy: He is still controlled by his mom, which is obvious by how much he talks about her. 
  25. The Do-Gooder: He claims he is dedicated to saving the planet, children somewhere, or an endangered species. But be warned, that doesn't mean he's not a major player. 

What other types of guys have you seen on The Bachelorette?


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