Stephen King's 'Under the Dome' Trailer Promises Chaos & Bloodshed (VIDEO)

Under the DomeHey Stephen King fans, have you heard that there's going to be a television series based on Under the Dome? CBS has just released an extended sneak peek trailer for what's going to be a 13-episode summer series, and I have to say -- while I don't normally like King adaptations, there's a lot to pique my interest with this one.

Under the Dome follows residents in a small community as they endure the physical and social fallout after a mysterious dome covers the entire town. Two Lost veterans are serving as executive producers on the show, Breaking Bad's Dean Norris is one of the main characters, and in the trailer, Stephen King himself issues the ultimate tease:

People's eyes are going to bug out of their head when they see it.


I "read" Under the Dome ... sort of. I listened to the audio version during my long runs when I was training for a marathon three years ago, and I don't remember many of the details. (Too busy praying for the sweet release of death, I guess.) But the gist of it is this: strange transparent dome covers small New England town, conflicts and unpleasantries ensue.

While in the book the event only lasts for days, the TV version will stretch out the story so it includes the dwindling resources and increasingly chaotic conditions that would happen in such a bizarre situation. Now, the hopeful news here is that one of the main writers for the show is Brian Vaughan, who you may know from the AMAZING post-apocalyptic comic series Y: The Last Man. I mean, I'd be way more interested if this series was coming from HBO or AMC, not CBS, but hey -- a solid pedigree is always a good thing.

Lost director Jack Bender is also serving as an executive producer for Under the Dome, and here's what he has to say about the series:

When I came aboard and read Brian's first episode, what really excited me were the characters, and this show is really a character show with a sci-fi element as opposed to the other way around. It's really examining people who are trapped in extraordinary situations, inexplicably impossible situations, where, if a dome appeared over Anaheim, what would we all do? It's what we would all do that makes the series great ... Our writing team [has] developed characters that are extraordinarily rich and fascinating to follow under the microscope.

Check out the extended trailer for the show that was just released by CBS:

Well, it's hard for me to hedge any guesses based on that teaser video, but I'm officially intrigued. It's notable that Under the Dome got the full 13-episode series order from CBS, which is pretty unusual these days. While the creators and cast are surely hoping it lasts past season one, Vaughan is already teasing the ending:

... we have a final episode in mind that’s different from the book. There’s a very cool, unexpected end to this dome, I think.

What do you think about this project? Will you be checking out Under the Dome when it premieres June 24?

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