'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Defends DUI in the Most Insane Blog Post Ever

farrah abrahamTeen Mom Farrah Abraham may not have been thrown in jail as a result of her DWI arrest, but after this rambling blog she wrote about the incident, we might need to lock her up just so that she has access to a library. The 21-year-old reality star penned the painfully written post to apparently clear the air. You see, Farrah thinks "maybe your [sic] ready to read what simply happened rather then [sic] regard to [?] the over sensationalized, dramatic reporters regurgitated instigations [????]."


If you have 20 minutes and the patience of a saint, go ahead and read through Farrah's diatribe. Warning: it'll make you curse the public school system and fear for your children's education because, believe it or not, Farrah was able to graduate from high school.

But worse than her writing and her total disregard for grammar is Farrah's flip attitude about the situation. Instead of owning up to what happened and taking some responsibility for her actions, she puts all of the blame on the "asswhole" cop who pulled her over.

In fact, she goes so far as to defend her drunkenness.

When the alcohol content is shown, which I did not see personally, it was .145. That is a number of legal intoxication, no doubt, but like I mentioned I know how to handle myself and I was concerned about safety. So I was released and the asswhole cop who kept trying to make everything worse for myself was shouting loudly 'I’m shocked she only blew that, she should be in jail'- ya what a dumbass.

See, guys? It's cool if you drive drunk if you "know how to handle yourself" and are "concerned about safety."

Farrah's total lack of culpability is as discouraging as it is shocking -- she clearly learned nothing from the experience. Most people walk away from a DWI charge with at least some regret ... Farrah's walking away guns blazing about how hard it is to be 21.

Unfortunately, this young mom of one might have to hit rock bottom before she learns any sort of lesson.

What do you think about Farrah's attitude post-DWI?


Photo via F1abraham/Twitter

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