'True Blood' Season 6 Teaser Trailer: Blood Everywhere & Billith Is Back! (VIDEO)

eric and sookieWhat's better than True Blood season 6 spoilers? The very first True Blood season 6 trailer!! That's right, we're finally getting a glimpse into the future of Eric Northman (um, and all those other characters), and ... yikes!! Something crazy this way comes. No, really -- even crazier than before. It's like a war zone up in there!


The trailer whizzes by so fast, it's almost impossible to absorb everything in one viewing, so I watched it a few dozen times and here are the highlights: Sookie and Eric running, holding hands, and looking freaked out, Pam with some glowing green orbs floating in front of her, Eric talking about war, some creepy Freddy Krueger-ish guy laughing at Jason, Jessica crying, Sookie falling face-first into a pile of vampire goo, Jessica crying again, WAY too much Billith, and lots of fire. Check it out:

Crazy, right??

What are you expecting from True Blood season 6?


Image via trueblood/YouTube

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