'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Is Kailyn the Only One on This Show With a Brain?

Kailyn LowryTeen Mom 2 this season seems focused on one thing: Marriage. Tonight's double episode was a biggie for three of the four girls (and one baby daddy) in terms of serious relationships and marriage. And, naturally, the only one making good decisions is Kailyn. Seriously, what is it with these girls and rushing into marriage? It wasn't bad enough that they rushed into parenthood?

Leah and Jeremy had their rushed wedding and my heart broke just a little for Jeremy standing there, totally in love, while it was obvious that Leah's little head was spinning with feelings for Corey. Later, she hit Corey up for more child support even though she and Jeremy admittedly make three times what he makes. Corey took it better than I would have because honestly? How unfair is that?


This wasn't the only sad portion of the night, of course. Poor Chelsea was absolutely broken hearted over Adam's new girlfriend. Some of the saddest moments of the two shows came when she was crying over it.

We also got a chance to see Adam with a man I presume was his father. He called Chelsea irresponsible and selfish. That is RICH. Ever since dating this new girl, Adam is all about Aubrey. But where was he the rest of the time? Certainly he was never behaving as he should have. Certainly he wasn't acting like a dad. So why now? Oh yeah. There is a girl involved.

Meanwhile Chelsea has been there for the baby. She has been mom through and through. How dare ANYONE call her the immature or selfish one? Give me a break.

Speaking of immature and selfish, Jenelle and Gary got engaged. Of course, that went well. He kicked in her door -- Gary has the worst anger problem. Then they both went to jail for their fight. Awesome. Since we all know the outcome of this particular disaster, there is really no point in even discussing it. It's a mess and no engagement should be so casual. No one should ever ask if they're going to be happy with the other person and no one should get engaged when they already have so many issues. If you are getting engaged, you damn better know the answer to that question.

Sometimes it seems like the only girl in this show with any backbone is Kailyn. She has found herself a truly stand-up guy in Javi, but she isn't going to jump on into marriage without discussing all her options and being responsible. Yes, they went to Vegas, and yes, they talked about it, but they ultimately decided against it. Good on her.

If anyone has a chance at long lasting love, it's Kailyn. She actually thinks things through and honors her feelings and her son's feelings. What a novel concept!

Sometimes this show makes me crazy. Good luck to Leah and Jenelle. They are going to need it.

Do you think the girls are rushing into things?


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