'Vampire Diaries' Recap: Is Rebekah No Longer a Vampire?!

Vampire Diaries


On tonight's episode of Vampire Diaries, I was totally jaw to the floor when Rebekah got her hands on that vial -- the vial full of the cure! Elena needs to get this cure or it's going to be the death of me. But what got me even more was the fact that Damon hesitated ... I mean he actually hesitated when Rebekah asked him if he wanted Elena to become human again ... I could have smacked him!!!! What is all this for if not to make Elena human again?!?! And what about Rebekah, will she be cured now?


Damon didn't even try to stop Rebekah from taking and drinking the damn vial!!!! I mean, yes, so he was on the floor with a face full of vervain, but let's Keep Our Eye on the Prize here, Damon! If he didn't have Elena turn off her humanity, this wouldn't be such a life or death situation (just saying). If Elena doesn't get this cure, then she is going to be hell on wheels until the end of time and I don't think anyone needs a Katherine, Part 2. I mean, am I right? 

Huge sigh of relief, of course, when Rebekah wakes up and is still a vampire. She hasn't been cured, which can only mean that Katherine is one step ahead and the vial Rebekah drank was a fake. How could we expect any less from Katherine? She is way too smart to leave something that valuable lying around her house. (Yes, a fish tank was a great hiding place, but can I ask what's the point of hiding it in a tank full of vervain if you are going to keep a fish net right next to it? Sorry thought that was weird.)  

Elena may not want this cure, which she made perfectly clear to Damon and Stefan, but I think she needs it now more than ever, don't you agree?

Do you hope Elena gets the cure soon?


Written by Denise Tomm; image via the CW

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