Sean Lowe Calls 'Bachelor Pad' a Disservice to Our Country -- Boy Is He Wrong!

Sean LoweIs anyone else still in mourning after hearing the news that Bachelor Pad has been canceled by ABC? For die-hard fans like myself, it's going to take some time to accept the fact that we'll have to go through the entire summer without one single dose of super-ridiculous reality TV. (Such a shame.)

But apparently not everyone is as disappointed over the show's cancellation as us guilty-pleasure hungry folks are.

Like Bachelor turned DWTS contestant, Sean Lowe. Sean's feelings on Bachelor Pad are pretty easily summed up -- he's simply not a fan. At all.


On the radio show Elliott in the Morning, Sean said, "I think we would be doing our nation a disservice if we got that show back on. You know, I was never a big fan of Bachelor Pad, I'm happy with just Bachelor and Bachelorette, to be honest."

Excuse me? Bringing the show back would be a disservice to America? Um, it's more like the other way around -- it's a disservice to this country NOT to have the show to look forward to this summer.

Ok, so I get that Sean is all pure and perfect and isn't into drunken hot tub hookups, endless rounds of tonsil hockey, and backstabbing simply for the sake of being a pain in the ass -- but come on, lighten up, dude!

The cast knows what they're getting into when they sign up for the show, so it's not like they go on there expecting to fall head over heels in love and find their soul mate (which is a crock anyway). People go on Bachelor Pad to win money, have some fun, and hopefully gain a little extra publicity -- and fans of the show love to watch them make fools of themselves while attempting to do those three things.

We get it, Sean, you're a nice, down-to-earth guy who isn't into those kinds of shenanigans. But don't try and ruin it for the rest of us who are holding on to a small shred of hope that ABC will reconsider and bring "The Pad" back for our viewing pleasure. (It could happen. Yes, it could. OMG. It better come back.)

Were you happy to see Bachelor Pad go?


Image via ABC

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