'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Spinoff May Be Over Before It Even Started

Maci BookoutFor a while now, there's been all sorts of gossip about Teen Mom Maci Bookout getting her own sort of spinoff. At one point, the good word was that the redhead was gonna get her very own talkshow. When students at her local community college spotted her with cameras in tow around campus, we squealed thinking there was a secret MTV spinoff in the works.

Well today we may finally know the truth. According to Maci's ex Ryan Edwards, MTV isn't "going to do the new show." Now this is us being assumptive because he's not specific about which new show MTV isn't doing -- but let's be real, he's gotta be talking about Maci, right?

Maci hasn't responded to the hoopla on her personal Twitter account, but if it's true, I bet she's totally bummed. If Ryan's tweet is about Maci's potential spinoff, I think MTV is making a HUGE mistake. Maci is definitely the best candidate for her own show.


In my eyes Maci is one of the Teen Mom stars that actually has her act together. She's absolutely fantastic with her son Bentley, has a healthy relationship with her boyfriend Taylor, and is in school getting her degree. Sure, the train wrecks from Teen Mom, you know, the Jenelle Evanses and the Amber Portwoods, they have car crash lives that people like to follow. But Maci is the kind of role model that MTV should be following for a show, giving teens someone to look up to.

And for a moment, can we just wonder why Ryan is the one breaking this news? Yeah, Maci is happy in a relationship, and sure, she sees Ryan here and there because of Bentley -- but is there something going on there? A lady can wonder. Now THAT is something I would love to follow on the spinoff!

Do you wish Maci would get her own spinoff? Would you watch it?


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