'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 3 Finale Recap: Adrienne Maloof's Final Appearance Is a Real Downer

Adrienne Maloof and Kyle RichardsTonight's season three finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started out with way too much Faye Resnick, once again. She seriously wouldn't shut up, and I can't believe Lisa Vanderpump didn't throw her ass out of her anniversary celebration. She should have.

It was more of the same with her attacking Brandi Glanville, then she moved on to Lisa and accused her of manipulating Brandi and using her as a mouthpiece. Right there at Lisa's own party, she continued to insult her. She so clearly was just trying to stir up drama (and get camera time) it was pathetic ... which is a really good word for her in general. Kyle once again had her chance to step in and stand up for Lisa, and once again she blew it when she backed Faye. That's got to be at least three strikes. 

Anyway, that kind of set the tone for what was supposed to be a night focused on love and good times. Then Adrienne Maloof had to go and show up ... on the very night she was served separation papers from Paul.


She was crying hysterically (though there were no tears), and quickly cast  a veil of sorrow about the place. She never even approached Lisa or Ken (the hosts!), rather she just cried to Kyle and Kim Richards and a group gathered about her on a couch. It was unbelievable that she showed up in the first place given what happened (seriously, why would she do that?), but then to not even go and acknowledge them at any point was just beyond rude.

As Ken said, "I was very surprised she came to our wedding anniversary and didn't even have the decency to come find Lisa and I. Typical, typical, bloody Adrienne."

Of course, Adrienne twisted the whole thing around and said she found it rude and "cold-hearted" that Lisa and Ken didn't approach her to offer comfort. It was such a delusional, self-important view of the whole thing, but it was  pretty fitting for her last appearance on the show. Farewell.

At that point Lisa didn't even want to go forward with renewing the vows, but Brandi, who really has been a good friend to her, talked her into doing it. And it was really sweet. They truly do seem to be in love, and it's amazing that they've made it 30 years. It was a lovely note of happiness and hope on which to end this season that hasn't been full of much of either.

Did you think it was rude for Adrienne to show up at Lisa and Ken's party and not even acknowledge them?


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