The Wrong ‘Teen Moms’ Were Nominated for Outstanding Reality Star Award

farrah abrahamEver heard of the EOTM Awards? Me neither. Apparently they're a thing, though, and trophies are handed out to celebs in a bevy of categories, not the least of which is Outstanding Reality Star. Any guesses as to who was nominated? If you guessed DUI-getting, drunk-tweeting, plastic-surgery-loving Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, you'd be right.

However, she's not the only Teen Mom who's in the running. Think you can name the other?


If you guessed Catelynn Lowell, whose adoption story has inspired thousands, whose efforts to get healthy have motivated her fans, whose extremely long-term relationship with fiance Tyler Baltierra is more mature in many ways than folks twice their age, whose general positivity and clear-headedness despite her less than ideal childhood have made many an individual wonder what the hell they themselves have to complain about, you'd be wrong.

The other nominee was Maci Bookout, a young woman with cupcake tattoos and a penchant for switching up her hair.

EOTM is ostensibly honoring and/or highlight celebrities who have some sort of entrepreneurial aspect, so I can see why Farrah's nominated. I mean, there's nothing that girl hasn't tried. From writing a memoir to writing a children's book to writing a song to making pasta sauce, it's hard to really put your finger on Farrah's biggest accomplishment.

I'm not really seeing what Maci's done.

But hey, if I had to nominate any of the Teen Moms for this award, it'd be Catelynn and Kailyn. Those two are well-meaning young women with great heads on their shoulders. Maci and Farrah? Eh, jury's still out.

Who do you think should win: Maci or Farrah?


Photo via FarrahAbraham/Twitter

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