'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Will Lose 'DWTS' if He Doesn't Stop Denying Peta Murgatroyd Cheating Rumors (VIDEO)

Sean LoweOk, ok, we're not stupid, and we're all well aware that there's absolutely no shred of truth to the rumors about Bachelor Sean Lowe cheating with his DWTS partner Peta Murgatroyd.

Sean is simply not that kinda guy, plus he's all gaga over Catherine Giudici because they're still in the honeymoon phase where neither one of them is tempted to stray from the relationship. (Yet.)

But even though we know he and Peta are nothing more than dancing partners, it doesn't mean Sean had to go on national television and say they have a brother-sister relationship going on.


Here's a clip of Sean on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check out how adamant he is about there being absolutely nothing going on between him and Peta.


Yes, we get it Sean. You're a stand-up dude who would never even dream of cheating on your fiance. But for the sake of your future on Dancing With the Stars -- couldn't you keep us guessing just a little bit?

Um, it's no secret that couples tend to get more votes and stay on the show longer if people think there's a little bit of scandalous behavior going on behind the scenes. And if Sean keeps openly referring to Peta as "his sister," they're going to lose their luster with fans fairly quickly, which isn't favorable to winning the mirror ball trophy.

Oh, and another thing -- Sean admits that he and Peta have "no sexual chemistry." Duh, if there isn't any chemistry between them, odds are good we don't have much to look forward to in the dancing department. It doesn't matter how well Sean can perform the routines each week. If there's no visible passion between him and Peta, their scores are going to suffer -- along with their votes.

For the sake of the competition, Sean should really just go with it and be a bit more wishy-washy about what goes on when the cameras stop rolling. When it comes to DWTS, a little suspense goes a long way.

Do you think Sean and Peta's lack of chemistry will hurt their game?


Image via JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube

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