'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Recap: Scott Disick Kills an Alligator Just Because He Wants New Shoes

Scott DisickI suppose we could talk about Kim Kardashian's ridiculous excuse for spending huge amounts of money on clothing (to protect Kanye West's fashion reputation), especially when she has her own clothing line she could wear for free. Or we could talk about how Kourtney Kardashian whined and moaned about looking fat in a bikini but was suddenly slimmed by a spray tan. But really, why waste time on that, when Scott Disick shot and killed a real-life alligator right before our very eyes.

First, did you realize that was Vienna Giardi from The Bachelor (Jake Pavelka's ex-fiance)? How crazy different does she look? Anyway, it was her family's farm in rural Florida upon which Lord Disick descended, and boy was it a change of pace for him. He was pretty uppity about the whole thing, calling her family "another breed of humans" and mimicking their twang. "The alligator hunting makes me less nervous than these people," he said.


When he called Kourtney to check in, he said, "You should see these people down here. It's so crazy how much goes on outside of our world that we don’t know about."

Then it got worse. After he actually shot the alligator with a pistol, there was the scene in which they were skinning it. Scott even took a turn hacking away at the poor thing while it kept flopping around on the table due to all of the nerves inside. It was easily the most disturbing Kardashian scene of all time, and that's saying a lot after last week's episode. And all of it was just so Scott could make a pair of loafers and have bragging rights. They did eat the meat, but still.

The whole thing was pretty awful, and so it was only right that when he went back to Miami, he started having nightmares. "I feel like I'm get a little bit haunted here," he said when they visited a park with living alligators. Mason, when looking at a tank of baby alligators, kept asking where their daddy was, and that pretty much put Scott over the top.

In the end, he seemed to have a change of heart of sorts, saying he couldn't take it back, but he did worry about setting an example for his children. He should have thought about that before he shot that alligator for shoes. The whole thing was just unsettling, and I'm not sure if he was really sorry or pretending to be. I wonder how quickly he's going join Kim on PETA's list after this episode? I can't think of anyone I'd rather see flour bombed.

What did you think of Scott's alligator hunting?


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