'Bachelor' Sean Lowe a 'Huge Diva' on 'Dancing With the Stars'

sean lowe dancing with the starsSo the man's got some moves. We see that now! But is Bachelor star Sean Lowe becoming a diva on Dancing With the Stars? That's what sources close to the show are saying. They say he's picky about camera angles, talks down to crew members, and generally acts like a "brat." Oh -- and apparently he's been heard bragging to other cast members, "This show NEEDS me."

Oof, Sean. Please tell me you are not saying those words out loud, even if you believe them! Supposedly he considers himself a "brand" that needs to be "marketed accordingly." Geez Louise, is Sean actually just running around repeating everything his agent tells him?


Let's give Sean the benefit of the doubt for a minute here. Demanding flattering camera angles is reasonable. He's figured out what they are, and he wants them, and I can't blame him. Don't ask, don't get, as they say. And then there's ... um ... I guess we're done here with the "give Sean the benefit of the doubt" portion of this post.

If he's really being a jerk to the crew members and swanning around like he's the most important part of the show, well, I just feel sorry for him. First of all, everyone knows how important it is to be kind to the crew. You just don't diss the people behind those flattering camera angles you want. Secondly, ew.

As for Sean being a "brand" -- OMG, I so hope that's not true. Way to show us how the sausage is made! I know this is something a lot of celebs run around thinking about, their "brand." But it's so cheesy to talk about it, don't you think? I mean, if he's crafting a "brand" that needs to be "marketed" the right way, surely there's a smoother way to put that without looking like a total publicity monkey.

And anyway, what "brand"? This kind of seems like Sean's last shot at fame here, unless he's angling for some sort of hosting job somewhere else (America's Funniest Home Videos?). Wow. Well, of course all of this could be totally untrue. DWTS executive producer Conrad Green told TMZ, "Sean is a pleasure and there is nothing diva-like about him." Which actually just makes Sean sound totally boring, to tell you the truth. Maybe Sean's angling to be the big villain everyone loves to hate? Maybe the diva is all for show! Hope so -- I'd hate to think Sean's hip thrusts are the only smooth moves he's got going on.

Do you believe the rumors that Sean is a diva on DWTS?


Image via ABC

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