Kristen Stewart Rocks Kids' Choice Awards but Still Gets the Green Slime

kristen stewartNumber one in Robert Pattinson's heart? Maybe... But one thing is for sure, KStew is tops in the hearts of kids everywhere. Last night at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, Kristen Stewart won Favorite Actress. Kristen won for her role in Breaking Dawn 2, AND she won Favorite Female Butt Kicker for Snow White and the Huntsman, beating out Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence twice -- whoa! Kristen got the green slime treatment, too, from hugging slimed presenters Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris.

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, where was he? Kristen went to the awards on her own. Rob wasn't nominated for anything. Couldn't he still have accompanied Kristen as a supportive boyfriend? Sure -- but that's no way for a Favorite Female Butt Kicker to work the red carpet.


Kristen dazzled in a sapphire blue Osman Yousefzada short-shorts ensemble, perfect for the occasion. She changed into flats after that red carpet arrival, and who can blame her? Too bad she got green slime all over her outfit. But it's not like she was going to escape the classic Nickelodeon green bath!

Sandra and Neil were slimed right before Kristen was named Best Female Butt Kicker, and Kristen had to clamber through stars and slime to accept her award. "Dude, I was too much of a coward to accept this," she joked. After thanking people she said, "This is really cool I really appreciate it. I had shirt in kindergarten it said 'Kick Butt First...' so thanks guys, peace."

I'm sure wherever Rob was, and whatever they are, he was proud of Kristen.

Did you watch the Kids' Choice Awards last night?


Image via Splash News

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