'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Kailyn's Temper Almost Ruined Her Life

Kaily and JaviTeen Mom 2 on MTV has never been a show to shy away from showing domestic violence. We have seen both Amber Portwood  and Jenelle Evans in situations that involved hitting with their boyfriends and there have even been incidents of dating violence on 16 & Pregnant. But tonight's incident with Kailyn proves it can happen when you least expect it.

Kailyn has never struck me as the dating violence kind and yet there she is hitting her boyfriend. And didn't she have a similar incident where SHE was the victim with Jo, not too long ago?

Of course, Kailyn was not the only story on this episode. There was also Jenelle's constant fighting with her mother and the heartbreaking sound of Jace calling for his (irresponsible, rude, ungrateful) "mommy."


What the hell would Jenelle do without Barbara? The only reason Jace is clean and fed and even remotely normal is thanks to Jenelle's mother. Remember that Jenelle, the next time you have horrible, hateful things to say to her.

Of course, Jenelle's drama is nothing new. Chelsea is doing well in her life, but it seems like now her baby daddy Adam, the biggest jerk to end all jerks, might be trying to get custody of Aubrey. To this I say: haha. But Chelsea was not laughing. She was freaking out. Still, it would be a cold day in hell before any judge would consider giving custody of Aubrey to Adam. A cold day, my friends.

Which brings us back to Kailyn. I like Kailyn. We all like Kailyn. She is so sweet and together in so many ways. She is also very, very lucky with Javi. There is something about that kid. He just seems so genuine and good and Kailyn is so lucky to have found him. Which is why I want to scream at her: DO NOT HIT HIM! Are you crazy?!

Of course, I don't need to tell her this. She knows it. She was immediately sorry and luckily, Javi forgave her. These two are cute. They can go the distance. Truly. As long as they can both be mature and contain their fighting to words only. But at least there is passion, right? Not everyone can say that!

Do you think Kailyn needs to hold on to Javi?


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