'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison & AshLee Frazier Are All Wrong for Each Other

chris harrisonI guess it was bound to happen at some point, you know, one of the women on The Bachelor making a play for host Chris Harrison. I mean, he's a single dude now, and he's constantly surrounded by eligible women, so would it really be that much of a shock if he formed a love connection with one of the contestants?

Well, it looks as though he's already caught the eye of one of Sean Lowe's rejects. According to In Touch, AshLee Frazier thinks Chris is a good looking guy and "is open to dating him." (Of course she is.)


Supposedly "sparks flew" between AshLee and Chris at the taping of the "After the Final Rose" show -- and now rumors are swirling about the two of them potentially hooking up.

And while there's really no good reason why AshLee and Chris shouldn't give things a go since they're both single and ready to mingle -- I'm just not convinced that they're a perfect match. She's a little too reserved and serious for a man who gets paid to hang out with a bunch of marriage-hungry women all day long, don't cha think?

But even though AshLee may not be the right woman for Chris, there's still a chance the next Mrs. Harrison could be someone he met on one of the shows -- like one of these lovely ladies.

Emily Maynard -- Ok, confession time. I'd still love to see Emily and Chris together. For real. There were rumors about them being attracted to each other during her season of The Bachelorette, and for whatever reason, they just seem like a good fit to me.

Stephanie Hogan -- Remember her? The single mom from Jason Mesnick's season? She's mature, smart, beautiful -- what's not to love?

Courtney Robertson -- Because why not? OMG. I'm already craving the insane drama.

Sarah Herron -- She's so sweet, and we all want to see her find true love. She needs a guy who's grounded and will love her for who she is, and Chris might just fit the bill.

Ali Fedotowsky -- She and Chris would be really cute together, plus they have a lot in common since they're both in the TV biz.

Rachel Truehart -- She got screwed over by Ben Flajnik, Michael Stagliano, and Nick Peterson. I'll bet Chris would do a great job consoling her.

Blakeley Shea -- Now that she and Tony Pieper have called it quits, it's the perfect time for Chris to step in for a little rebound action.

Lindzi Cox -- Holy awesome idea. Why didn't anyone think of this before? Just because Ben wasn't smart enough to pick her doesn't mean Chris would make the same mistake. Lindzi and Chris are perfect together in every way! 

If you could hook Chris up with any girl from any of the past seasons, who would it be?


Image via ABC

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