'Glee' Recap: Covering Chris Brown Is Unacceptable Even on 'Guilty Pleasures' Night

Glee Melissa BenoistTonight's Glee was reminiscent of the show when it first started. The theme was guilty pleasures, and it was chock full of song and dance numbers that were all about fun, fun, fun. That is until Chris Brown almost derailed it all.

Ain't nothin' fun about teenagers singing Breezy. Got that? 


Good thing the writers at Glee do.

The guilty pleasures started off funny with a lot of neon and black lights and the New Directions begging the audience to wake them up before they "go go." But things got serious fast when Jake Puckerman threatened to make his contribution to guilty pleasures week a Chris Brown song.

What ensued was another throwback to the Glee of old -- some real food for thought.

Chris Brown is the perfect guilty pleasure, Puck 2.0 argued, because he enjoys listening to his songs but feels guilty about it because of what Chris Brown represents. His scandalous past, most notably his well-publicized domestic violence case, make it clear he's not someone to look up to.

But does listening to his music equal approval of his lifestyle?

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It's a debate worth bringing to the table, but not one worth hammering home with the singing of an actual Chris Brown song.

They left us hanging for awhile there before Jake finally caved to the intense anger from the girls in the group and opted for another Brown song ... Bobby Brown's My Prerogative.

Thank goodness. We didn't need to see a Breezy song performed by teenagers, and we certainly didn't need to see Chris Brown on a TV show that's directed at kids.

To give him that, as well as any royalties he'd make from the use of his song on the show, would have gone against everything Glee is about. This is a show that's stood against the very things Breezy is reviled for, among them domestic violence (remember the Coach Beiste storyline?). It's a show about building kids up, not telling teenage girls it's OK to be smacked around by a boyfriend and go running back to him.

And the fact is, just talking about Chris Brown was enough. We didn't need to hear his lyrics. When the guys of the group started jamming out to a song by Whitney Houston's naughty ex, it proved Puck's point nicely. You can dig a song and not exactly approve of the singer.

Would you still be watching Glee if they'd featured Chris Brown tonight?


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