'DWTS' Pro Val Chmerkovskiy Reveals Dating Status & Kelly Monaco Fans Won't Want to Miss This

kelly monaco val chmerkovskiyStop what you're doing immediately, because I've got some sad, no scratch that -- I've got some tragic news.

Everyone's favorite Dancing With the Stars pro, Val Chmerkovskiy, says that he's a single man. Yes -- SINGLE, as in he isn't dating anyone right now, as in he and Kelly Monaco aren't head over heels in love. (Guess I can kiss my hopes of scoring a wedding invite goodbye.)

And as a proud and loyal Team Vally supporter -- I really don't know what to do with myself after hearing his unfortunate admission.


I mean, Val's hot as hell, and if I weren't married, I'd be all over him like flies on you know what, so in theory his relationship status should make me pretty happy.

But oh my Goddddddd, people! He and Kelly are SO meant to be together, right?

Ugh. I guess not. You can hear what exactly he said about his singleness to Teen Scene in this video clip. (OMG, Val, what happened??)


(Damn, he's sexy.)

Ok, sorry. Back to Kelly and the fact that they aren't dating. Am I the only weirdo person who's really devastated over this? I mean, if two people with that kind of off the charts chemistry aren't living happily ever after in pure bliss, then what kind of hope does it offer to the rest of us?

Wait a minute. Maybe he's just trying to throw us off so we'll quit asking questions about whether or not he and Kelly are a couple. What if right after he gave that interview, he called her and they giggled like a couple of lovestruck teenagers over how they're fooling everyone into thinking there's nothing going on between them. And then that way they can meet up and get their romance on without anyone suspecting anything or following them around with cameras.

Yeah, that's gotta be it. Any other possible explanation is just way too heartbreaking to consider.

Do you think Val is really single?


Image via ABC

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