'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's 'Honeymoon Phase' Won't Last Forever

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciHe may be spending most of his time perfecting his pelvic thrust for Dancing With the Stars these days, but Bachelor Sean Lowe says the best part of his day is coming home to Catherine Giudici. Aww. Well isn't that sweet. (What a gent.)

Yep, as expected, Sean's all gushy-gushy over his fiance and told Life & Style, "We're definitely in the honeymoon phase right now. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her."

Honeymoon phase? Um, I'm sorry, but I wouldn't call the phase Sean and Catherine are in the "honeymoon phase."


Duh -- they're totally in the "reaping the benefits of their newfound fame" phase.

Oh, come on. If you were getting paid to do various TV interviews and appearances with your fiance, wouldn't you be pretty over-the-moon too? Everyone wants a piece of Sean and Catherine right now, and I don't care what either of them says -- they're digging all the extra attention.

Just look at them! Do they look like a couple of people who can't stand being in the spotlight? Nope. They're lovvvvvvin' it.

Becoming celebrities practically overnight is enough to put any couple in a state of euphoria, so while there may be some element of honeymooning going on, I'm guessing the perks of fame adds to their contentment just a tad.

But famous or not, at some point Catherine and Sean are going to settle into their relationship and start getting comfortable just like any other engaged couple does. (And that's when things tend to get a little bit borrrrring.) Let's just hope they have a good enough foundation to keep things fresh and interesting after The Bachelor and DWTS dust settles.

The life they're living together (even though they're in separate apartments) in L.A. and the life they'll eventually go back to in Dallas are two totally different experiences. Until they make the switch to a real, normal day-to-day life, there's no way to know whether they're truly in love with each other, or in love with being The Bachelor and The Bachelor's fiance.

Do you think Sean and Catherine will actually get married?


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