Leah Messer's New Baby Has Adorable Middle Name That Goes Perfectly With Sisters'

leah messerTeen Mom 2 star Leah Messer Calvert recently unveiled her new daughter, Adalynn, in Us Weekly, and Sweet Georgia Brown is this munchkin adorable! But hey guess what? There's actually something that makes little Adalynn even cuter -- her middle name! Leah and husband Jeremy chose the perfect moniker that couldn't complement twins' Aliannah and Aleeah's middle names better.


Faith! Adalynn Faith Calvert. Cute, right? And it goes great with Grace and Hope, which are Aleeah and Aliannah's middle names, respectively. Faith, Grace, and Hope. Presh. Hey, if Leah has another, may I suggest Truth. Or Beauty. Or Dignity. I don't know, I'm just spitballing here. Leah, you and Jeremy may have to flesh this out a little more.

Personally, I love it when parents have a common thread among their children's names, be it beginning with the same letter; having a similar meaning; or having a theme among middle names, as Leah's chosen to do. I'd like to do that if I'm lucky enough to have another, but it definitely puts restrictions on the baby naming process -- which can be either tricky or, in a weird way, easier.

Again, congrats, Leah, on your precious baby girl. Glad everyone's safe and sound. And love the names, girl.

Is there a common thread among your children's names?

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