Faye Resnick Hate Grows to Terrifying Levels & Brandi Glanville Jumps to Her Defense (VIDEO)

Faye ResnickIt's not like she had a big fan club before, but in just one episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, Faye Resnick has raised the wrath of viewers across the country. Her rude, smug, fame-whore behavior has sent her soaring past the likes of Housewives like Kenya Moore and Danielle Staub to a place of honor in the Hated Housewives Hall of Fame.

The Faye Resnick hate is so strong that she has reportedly even received death threats. Whoa. She's loathsome, but no one deserves that, and one of the most unlikely RHOBH cast members ever has stepped up in her defense.


Brandi Glanville! She said she almost feels sorry for Faye after all the backlash. In a Google chat with OK! Magazine, she said:

That’s just her personality. I know that she was getting death threats and all this craziness and I think that’s ridiculous, and I wish people would stop with that, because, you know, it’s a show, and no one’s perfect. But, you know, Faye is just Faye.

Then she got even more Brandi-like, "She's a bitch, but she doesn't need to die." Ha. That sums it up pretty well.

Brandi went on to clarify that she's not actually defending her against anything except the death threats, and went on to slam Faye for saying she wasn't a lady.

Do I say the F word? Yes. Do I dress a little slutty? Maybe. But I know I do the right thing ... and I know I’m a good person. But I also know that I fuck up — but I think that everyone is allowed to. You can still be a ‘lady.’ Listen, if you buy your clothes at Walmart you can still be a lady, Faye! It’s ridiculous.

Ridiculous, indeed.

Since the heated episode, Faye has been silent. She hasn't Tweeted, nor does she have a blog on Bravo. Our only hope is that she comes on the RHOBH reunion and faces the fire in person. Then she can go away.

What do you think of Brandi's comments about Faye?


Image via Bravo

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