7 Best ‘Bachelor’ & ‘Bachelorette’ Meltdowns of All Time (VIDEOS)

jenna burkeOne thing is always guaranteed during any given season of ABC's The Bachelor or The Bachelorette -- and no, it's not love. I'm talking about the inevitable waterworks. It's hard to believe that after knowing someone just a few weeks, being sent home can turn you into a blubbering, snotty mess, but it happens all the time. And not just with the girls. The male contestants are just as bad! So in anticipation of the many breakdowns sure to come during Desiree Hartsock's upcoming season as the rose bearer, take a look at the best Bachelor/Bachelorette cryings scenes of all time.


1. Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka turned out to be the worst Bachelor pairing in history! Even if you thought Vienna was a vixen during the show, you felt for her during this disastrous reunion interview.


2. Jason Mesnick could barely keep it together when he dumped Molly Malaney on season 13. Of course those tears were all for naught since he ended up with her anyway.

3. There was no consoling Jenna Burke -- ever. Luckily Ben Flajnik sensed the crazy oozing off this girl and sent her packing.

4. It was a groundbreaking moment when Ali Fedotowsky opted to leave Jake Pavelka's season because of her job. Good call Ali. Really good call. Just ask Vienna!


5. In a Bachelor first, Brad Womack didn't pick either finalist during his first go-round. After "working on himself" in therapy, he got a second chance to find love and the new, more sensitive Brad broke down too many times to count.

6. Tierra LiCausi had one of the most dramatic meltdowns in Bachelor history. She let them take "her sparkle" away. :(


7. Poor Doug probably thought tearfully talking about how much he missed his kids would earn him points. Instead it got him an early ticket home.

What is your favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette meltdown?

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