'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Comes Clean About the Wedding Rumors

maci bookout taylorRemember when Teen Mom's Maci Bookout planted those wedding rumors via Twitter -- and it turns out they were just sponsored posts? Ugh. What a silly thing to do. Well, Maci came clean about the rumors: "No i am not engaged!" she tweeted to her fans. It looks like she had a lot of her fans fooled.

Good thing she cleared that up quickly. It was definitely the responsible thing to do after spreading misinformation like that. And good thing she isn't really engaged, either. I'd like to pause for a moment and appreciate that happy non-news.


Maci and Taylor McKinney may have great potential as a couple, but they're just getting to know each other. And slowly! She's in Tennessee, he's in Dallas -- which doesn't mean they can't still grow a strong bond as a couple. It's just that you learn things about each other faster when you're actually in the same space together for significant amounts of time.

But Maci probably knows that herself. 

I still think planting those rumors was a weird and cheesy thing to do. But at least we learned something here. Don't get all excited if someone says they're looking at wedding dresses or thinking about who to invite (or not) to their wedding. And look out for that "-sp" suffix that warns you when a tweet is sponsored. 

Would we have cared as much if Maci had just been more honest and said, "Not engaged, but I love looking at wedding dresses"? I wonder if that would have gotten as many clicks. I think her fans still care about what she finds interesting, so maybe so? After all, a girl can look at wedding dresses if she wants to.

Did you believe Maci might be engaged?


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